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Staci Renee in Miami Retouch Challenge

2016-06-07_0001My image edit was featured on FStoppers and the Backyard Show! So, a little backstory. Nino Batista was the instructor that I was assigned to assist at Shutterfest. If you don't know who he is you can check him out here. He is an amazing glamour photographer. I actually kind of fell in love with glamour photography while at Shutterfest, I loved working with the models and the challenge of retouching a full body is actually really fun. When Nino posted this challenge on FStoppers I jumped at the chance to edit a glamour photo shot by Nino himself. 

The challenge was sent out to any photographer to enter and there were no parameters. It was an experiment to see what would come in. It's amazing how many different images you get back when you give the same image to multiple photographers. Everyone sees the world differently and this contest definitely proves that. 

Long story short, my image was chosen to be in the top three to discuss on the show. I promise, no favorites were played, lol. I had NO idea he picked my image until the show aired on youtube. You can see the video and some of the other edits on FStoppers here. The beautiful model is Staci Renee and you can find her here. Thanks for the feature Nino!

And here is the edited image.